EN to get down

1. Allgemein

to get down (auch: to bend down, to humiliate oneself)
bajarse {refl.V.}
to get down (auch: to get depressed)
deprimirse {refl.V.}

2. "depress"

3. "reduce"

4. "descend"

to get down (auch: to climb down, to get off)
to get down

5. "crouch"

to get down (auch: v + adv, to duck)

6. "take, lift, bring down"

7. "write down"

to get down (auch: to list, to note down, to gloss, to chalk up)
to get down (auch: to log, to mark down)

8. "tackle, bring down"

to get down (auch: to throw, to flip, to toss, to chuck out)
to get down (auch: to knock down, to down, to poleax, to poleaxe)

9. "swallow", Umgangssprache

to get down (auch: to gulp, to swallow, to force down, to pop)

10. "dance energetically", Amerikanisches Englisch, Umgangssprache

to get down
to get down

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EnglishIt is crucial, however, that a new Commission finally be able to get down to work.
Pero es importante que haya una nueva Comisión que ponga por fin manos a la obra.
EnglishNow we have to get down to work, look at the substance and deliver results.
Ahora tenemos que ponernos a trabajar, ir a lo esencial y conseguir resultados.
EnglishI would advise the Commissioner to really get down to business in this respect.
Aconsejaría al Señor Comisario que de verdad pusiera manos a la obra a este respecto.
EnglishOnce we have this information, we can, of course, get down to discussions.
Una vez dispongamos de esa información, podremos por supuesto entrar a debatir.
EnglishLet us support it as broadly as possible and get down to work to implement it.
Concedámosle el mayor apoyo posible y pongámonos a trabajar para aplicarlo.
EnglishIt is essential that we cooperate effectively and that we get down to work immediately.
Es esencial que cooperemos efectivamente y que nos pongamos a trabajar sin demora.
EnglishWe must get down to work straightaway and look upon this as a long-term challenge.
Debemos ponernos a trabajar enseguida, considerar que se trata de un reto a largo plazo.
EnglishWe have taken the necessary step and the institute is now ready to get down to work.
Hemos dado el paso necesario y el Instituto está preparado para ponerse manos a la obra.
EnglishWe should certainly not get bogged down in minute technical details.
No debemos de ninguna manera empantanarnos en detalles técnicos sin importancia.
EnglishWhat matters now is for us to roll up our sleeves and get down to business.
Lo que importa ahora es que nos arremanguemos y nos pongamos a trabajar.
EnglishIn this respect, we must stop hesitating and finally get down to action.
En este sentido, debemos acabar con las dudas y ponernos, finalmente, manos a la obra.
EnglishWe must get straight down to tackling these problems, leaving no stone unturned.
No debemos dudar en hacer frente con decisión a estos problemas.
EnglishLike him, I will skip the small talk and get straight down to business.
Como él, pasaré por alto los temas triviales e iré directamente al grano.
EnglishIf you wanted to get them to sit down, you ought to have wielded the gavel.
Si quería usted que se sentaran, debería haber blandido el martillo.
EnglishTurkey still has a lot to do and has to get back down to work.
Turquía aún tiene mucho que hacer y tiene que volver a ponerse manos a la obra.
EnglishSee how Windows 7 Professional can help you get down to business.
Descubre de qué manera Windows 7 Professional te puede ayudar en tu trabajo.
EnglishWe need stability and we need to get down to the business of policy as quickly as possible.
Necesitamos estabilidad y necesitamos ponernos a trabajar en las políticas cuanto antes.
EnglishI hope we do not get bogged down, for example, in whether it is to be eight or nine hours.
Espero que no nos quedemos atascados, por ejemplo, sobre si han de ser ocho o nueve horas.
EnglishMy impression is that we are all in far too much of a hurry to get down to business as usual.
En mi opinión todos tenemos demasiada prisa por ponernos manos a la obra.
EnglishWe have also said that in the long term, you really do need to get down to brass tacks.
Hemos afirmado también que, a largo plazo, es preciso ir al grano.