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EN by right of

by right of (auch: by reason of, by virtue of, out of, insomuch)
由于 [yóu yú] {Adv.}

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EnglishCan I transfer to another level if the one I am attending is not right for me?
EnglishI don't want the room to be cleaned right now.
现在我不需要客房清理。(xiànzài wǒ bù xūyào kèfáng qīnglǐ.)
EnglishOne should bide one's time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance.
EnglishI believe I possess the right combination of...and… .
EnglishI believe I possess the right combination of...and… .
Englishthe right to environment:, information and surveillance
Englishto take the word right out of someone's mouth
Englishthe front of a Chinese garment which buttons on the right
Englishthe right to vote and the right to be elected
Englishto come down on the right side of the fence
Englishto have one's head screwed on the right way
Englishstate-owned land-use right certificate
EnglishTwo wrongs do not make a right.
Englishthe public's right to informed choice
Englishto have one's heart in the right place
Englishto contract for the managerial right
Englishtechnology property right exchange
Englishexclusive right to purchase and sell
Englishto appear right, but in fact wrong
Englishto hit the right nail on the head