Top 25 Language Twitterer Accounts 2016

Unter den besten 25 Twitteraccounts 2016 findest du Accounts über Linguistik, Sprachberufe, Übersetzung und so ziemlich alles, was mit Sprachen zu tun hat. Die Twitteraccounts schließen professionelle Übersetzer, Übersetzungsagenturen, Vielsprachige und andere Sprachfreaks ein. Wirf einen Blick auf diese interessanten Accounts, finde Deine neuen Favoriten und retweete Posts, wenn Dir danach ist. Vielleicht willst du ja danach deine Lesezeichen auf den neusten Stand bringen? Glückwünsche an alle Gewinner! (Wenn du noch mehr Accounts finden willst, schau Dir die letztjährigen Ergebnisse hier an.)

Schau Dir auch die Top 25 jeder Kategorie an:

  • 1. German should be fun

    I tweet in English and the German translation just 5 minutes later. Verstehst du meine deutschen Tweets?

  • 2. Circa Lingua

    Founder of Circa Lingua. French - English - Spanish Sworn Translator & Interpreter. Law, economy, business & marketing. Entrepreneur. Copywriter. Blogger.

  • 3. Inbox Translation

    Language geeks, IT nerds, chocolate lovers, football fans - this is our friendly team.

  • 4. Språkrådet

    The Swedish Language Council answers questions about the Swedish language via Twitter.

  • 5. Scritture brevi

    Scritture Brevi observes, describes and collects any type of "short text": abbreviations, acronyms, signs, icons, symbols, hashtags, text messages, aphorisms, puns etc. Mainly in Italian, but with contributions also in English.

  • 6. Scheherezade Surià

    Literary and audiovisual translation.

  • 7. Cath Cellier-Smart

    French to English translator, Brit-born expat, scuba diver, reader, tea drinker. Tweets interesting links to articles about the English language.

  • 8. Núria de Andrés

    One of the best places on Twitter to find resources for translators.

  • 9. Lynne Murphy

    An American linguist in England. This is the Twitter presence of 'Separated by a Common Language' blog.

  • 10. Smarter German

    Smart and witty posts and shares on Twitter which are motivating and thought provoking. One fascinating project was that they taught a guy German from scratch to level B1 in 14 days.

Thanks to everyone that wrote, nominated and voted for these blogs! We hope to see you back on Lexiophiles soon, and look forward to seeing your contributions to the dictionaries.